At this stage, I am following the path charted mostly by my own curiosity, aided by serendipity and kindly advice.  Each person I speak to leads me to at least three more.  Others contact me with suggestions or to volunteer their own memories. Slowly but steadily,  as I listen to individual stories,  the biography of this theatrical community is emerging.

With a few exceptions, my interviews are conducted face-to-face. They have occurred throughout the city: in coffee shops, libraries, interviewees' homes, my home, theater lobbies, and once at a small airport when Second City alum,  Jim Fisher,  piloted his two-seat Cessna to meet with me.  

I am averaging some 5-6 interviews per week, so this list is frequently updated. In the spirit of ensemble work, I have not arranged these entries according to notoriety or title.  I invite you to scroll through them in the same way as I wander,  person-by-person, through this remarkable and generous community.  I have found that serendipity and curiosity can be wise guides.